Railroad Revival Tour Limited Edition Wine

For all you railroad, music loving wine drinkers and collectors, we've partnered with the fine folks in the heart of the California wine country from Brack Mountain Winery to create a very unique and delicious piece of history.

We were first introduced to the wines of Brack Mountain during our train-ride from Oakland to New Orleans last year during the 2011 Revival Tour. This "merch" offering just may be our most unique and adventurous one yet! 

The Railroad Revival Tour Collection is only available online and is a winery-only Exclusive on www.brackmountainwine.com sold by the winery.


The Deal

So this is the deal: All wines are available for pre-sale purchase until sold-out. Your credit card will be charged, wines will be sleeping in the cellar with your name on them until the earth cools off this summer!

The wines will be shipped to you by Mid-October 2012, you'll recieve an email from the winery prior to shipping.

*Please be aware that not all States allow direct shipping from wineries, Free the Grapes provides full details.

The Goods

2011 Railroad Revival Tour Chardonnay

Winemaker Notes:

The sun rises on the desert horizon, straight over the tracks, and for a few moments, the clear sky waxes golden, like this RRT Chardonnay, which seems to emit its own kind of golden light from the glass.

Straw hay and late summer fruits, like Asian pear and baked apple, greet your senses when you raise the glass to your nose, joined by notes of spice and citrus.With the first taste, you get a sense of weight that is unexpected—a generous, firm structure that is kind of creamy and tart at the same time. You can’t help think of lemon meringue pie, with that perfect crust. This is a Chardonnay that makes you feel like you’ve traveled just far enough.

AVA: Russian River Valley   Alc. 14.3%

$24 / 750 ml


2011 Railroad Revival Tour Pinot Noir

Winemaker Notes:

The day is dimming, and the tracks stretch out to the west. As the sun sinks below the next mountain range, the sky is transformed into a garnet fire, dancing off the rails and the rocks between them. Hold up a glass of this RRT Pinot Noir, and you’ll see that fire in the sky right there in your hand.

This wine hits your senses with purpose. Bright notes of pomegranate and cherry are joined by aromas of wild fennel and black tea. When you finally taste it, you find a delicate balance of acidity and fruit, carried along by this wonderful silky mouthfeel. The wine continues to reveal itself, with layers of red fruit, savory spiciness and mineral. Here’s a Pinot Noir that makes you glad you headed west.

AVA: Russian River Valley  Alc. 14.1%

$28 / 750 ml


2010 Railroad Revival Tour Cabernet Sauvignon

Winemaker Notes:

It’s broad daylight, and suddenly your train plunges into the darkness as it traverses a tunnel that was carved through the heart of a mountain. When you drink this RRT Cabernet Sauvignon, you get the sense that the vines reached their roots to the heart of the mountain, mining the richness and layers of its depths.

Breath in this wine’s aromas, and you get earthy notes of cedar, dried herb and spice. You taste this wine, and its structure is firm, the tannins right there, with good backbone followed by a generous overlay of velvety dark fruit. Daylight or darkness, this Cabernet Sauvignon will always evoke the heart of a mountain.

AVA: Alexander Valley  Alc. 14.4%

$35 / 750 ml